Monday, February 8, 2010

The Oil and Gas Industry.

Well well well.. Just got back from Penang. Went to penang to visit my little nephew. Last time I went to Penang was in 2003 (if I not mistaken) to attend my cousin's reception. Penang is a good industrial place and I might considering to move to Penang if I were given opportunities to work here.

Enough bout Penang, let us get back to the topic. Recently I went to a career fair organized by university that I study in. And from my observation, there are needs for newly graduated staff in various industries. This situation completely kick off the theory that only experienced engineer would gain way to engineering jobs.

One of the field that been dreamt of by many of engineering students is Oil and Gas. Oil and Gas is a vast field of engineering offering handsome pay to those who are willing to work on rig. I have interviewed few of the exhibitors at the career fair and I have learnt that not only mechanical graduate are found in oil and gas field, also those from electrical, civil and science backgroud. As long one have a very strong analytical mind, they can fit into most projects.

Alright, a bit bout oil and gas industry. O&G industry can be divided into two categories which are called upstream and downstream.

Upstream activities are involving exploration, drilling and production. Exploration activities involves finding the crude oil reservoirs and estimating the potential production from a reservoir. Drilling is done after the reservoir has been found. Next is production where oil or gas extracted from the contaminated crude oil.

Downstream activities involves refining of oil, selling and distribution. At this stage, crude oil will be process into new products such as petrol, diesel, lubricants, synthetic rubber, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, to name just a few broad categories.

-Source, GRADMalaysia Edition 4 2010.

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